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Best Golf Rangefinder Review and Buyer’s guide.


Golf rangefinders are golfers’ best buddy. It is their support and the one that gives a piece of advise before deciding on a shot. Some best golf rangefinder’s can give all that a golfer needs some can give with limitations.

Ever wonder how golf players get to hit their shots almost a 100% sure? Yes, it can be their skills, it can also be their training or maybe it’s in their blood.

There are lots of reasons one might think of, but pretty sure it also has something to do with their rangefinders. Yes, you read it right. Some might disagree but a bunch of golf players, professionals and especially amateurs will surely agree.

Let’s take a look at some of the best golf rangefinders and see what it can offer.

#1Bushnell-Tour-V4-JOLTBushnell Tour V4
#2Nikon-Coolshot-20Nikon Coolshot 20
#3TecTecTec-VPRO500Tectectec VPRO 500
#4Precision-Pro-Golf-NX7Precision PRO NX7 Pro
#6SereneLife-PremiumSerene Life Premium
#7Bushnell-Pro-X2Bushnell PRO X2
#8Double-Eagles-DEPRO-800Double Eagles DEPRO – 800
#9Leupold-2017-GX-2i3Leupold 2017 GX- 2i3

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1) Best Golf Rangefinder :- Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Limited edition

As what golfers say, the Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder is the perfect rangefinder if you are looking for accuracy, speed and jolt.Bushnell-Tour-V4-JOLT1

The long wait is over for the amateur golfers since the Tour V4 is a big improvement of Tour V3.

This rangefinder is 30% smaller and lighter than the previous Tour V3 which is a big factor to majority of the golfers.


  • Pin seeker with Jolt Technology which provides the golfer the ability to know when the laser has locked to a flag/target with its vibration.
  • Range from 5 to 1,000 yards accurately
  • 5x magnification in getting a shot
  • Fast focus system which provides clear and fast shots

Performance and Design

When it comes to rangefinders, the Bushnell rangefinder is one of the trusted brands of the golfers. Bushnell Tour V4 is another product that will surely satisfy not just the professional golfers but the beginners as well.

It has 5x magnification compared to other golf rangefinders. It also has the pin seeker with Jolt technology that vibrates when the laser is locked onto target.

Equipped with the measuring ability of 5 to 1,000 yards and fast focus system, golfers can never go wrong with its accuracy.

  • Accurate
  • Fast Focus
  • Portable
  • Lightweight

  • Shaky
  • Not water proof

Having a price of almost $300, this rangefinder is pricey, though it has the features that a golfer can ask for.

One good thing about this rangefinder is its ergonomic design which is a big help for the golfers since one can easily carry it because of its lightweight and easy grip design.

The fast focus also is a big thumbs up for this enables the golfers to see their shots faster and clearer. It is one of the best laser rangefinder in the market having improved features of the V3 model, though the on and off slope function may be a little time consuming.

2) Best Laser Golf Rangefinder:- Nikon Coolshot 20

As the name suggests, Nikon Coolshot 20 is another product of Nikon that provides excellent features in a cheaper price compared to other rangefinders. It is compact, affordable and one of the sought after brand of rangefinders.


  • 1st target priority technology which allows the closest target in a group o be measured every time
  • 6x magnification which allows measuring of target range of up to 500m or 550 yards

Performance and Design

Nikon-Coolshot-201Nikon Coolshot 20 only measures 2.9×1.5×3.6 inches and only weighs 4.4oz. It is handy with its small size but can be a bit of a problem to those who have big hands.

With its size and weight one can just put it inside the pocket of a jacket or jeans.

Despite of its size, it provides accurate measurements of targets, flags or even hazards in the gold course.

  • Handy
  • Low price compared to other rangefinders
  • User-friendly
  • Pocket-friendly

  • Shaky
  • Long time waiting in picking up objects for a certain range/distance

Nikon Coolshot 20’s unique feature is its size that can easily fit into a pocket. It’s just 9cm by 7cm and is just 2cm shorter.

The CR-2 batteries are also included in the package which will save a small amount for the golfers. The batteries can also last for several months use for average plays.

It also has the feature that allows 8 seconds continuous measurement scanning for multiple targets with just a single press of the power button. With or without glasses, you can use this rangefinder by just adjusting the eyepiece for far or near sightedness.

All in all, this is a good rangefinder with a very good and affordable price with a much known brand name of course.

3) Best Golf Rangefinder:- Tectectec VPRO 500

Talking about cheap rangefinders? VPRO 500 is one of them. Armed with advanced technology for clearer image results and durability, this rangefinder TecTecTec-VPRO5001can top some golfers’ choice.

Boasting of its 6x magnification this VPRO 500 is one reliable rangefinder.

VPRO 500’s rain proof and sleek design is one factor that a user might be looking for in a rangefinder.

It has a gloss surface and padded case that protects it from dust and damage from any untoward incident.

Rain might just be a problem since it is not water proof.


  • Pin sensor Technology which provides fast and accurate measurement of objects within 1 yard
  • Lens Display which gives clear and easy display of battery meter and distance
  • Laser Rangefinder which measures up to 540 yards

  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable eye piece
  • Accurate

  • Pin Mode
  • Water resistant not water proof

With a price of less than $150, VPRO 500 rangefinder is a good buy. With all its nice features highlighting the pin sensor technology, golfers can never go wrong in measuring range distances.

This rangefinder has a dioptre adjustment functionality which is an advantage being a near or farsighted player.

It also provides true measurement accuracy with +/- 1 yard. It comes with shock resistant case that protects your rangefinder.

4) Best Golf RangeFinder:- Precision PRO NX7 Pro Laser Finder

Precision-Pro-Golf-NX71NX7 is a combination of good price, accuracy and quality. Its ease and speed of use is a plus aside from the technological features it has.

Amateurs and professional will level up their games using the NX7 since it provides exact distances of flags and any other objects.


  • Pulse Vibration Technology which provides vibration when locked in on target
  • Target Acquisition Technology that accurately locks on to the target and not anything behind or beside it
  • Yard range of 400
  • Water resistant and shock proof design
  • High –Speed SD Laser that reads distance in under 1 second
  • Multi-Distance Measurement that allows you to choose between meter or yard, depending on your chosen type of unit measurement

Performance and Design

NX7 Pro is technology and performance in one box. The design is quiet nice with its lime green accents that makes it look average from any other rangefinder.

It has an adjustable eyepiece which is a great feature for focus and an adjustable mode button in changing from different units of measurement.

Performance wise, NX7 Pro is reliable and consistent just like any other rangefinders. Another good design is that this NX7 Pro does not round the distances into whole number so you really got to have the exact measurement of the distance.

  • Accurate
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Shockproof
  • User friendly

  • Water resistant not water proof
  • No other advanced features
  • Slow lock on target

NX7 Pro provides all your needs in one box. It has the free battery replacement of 3 Volt Batteries, Cleaning Cloth and Lanyard as well.

But aside from the Pulse Vibration and Target Acquisition Technologies there are no other advanced feature like other rangefinders which can be of big help to the golfers.

With just a toggle switch you can choose from measuring elevation slopes or tournament legal non-slope modes. It’s a little pricey but just fair for it’s features.

5) Best Golf Rangefinder:- Bushnell Tour X2

Bushnell Tour X is one of the best rangefinders a golfer can have. It is USGA approved and the advanceBUSHNELL-TOUR-X-LASER1 technology features are just amazing.

Accuracy of this rangefinder will never pull you down on the ranking in tournament.


  • Dual Display Technology (DDT) which allows the user to switch displays depending on the light conditions
  • 6x magnification with High Definition Optics which magnifies objects 6x closer and clearer
  • Accurate measurement of slopes using its new slope technology
  • Up to 1,300 range yard capacity
  • Jolt technology partnered with its pin seeker feature that enables the user to know when the target has been locked through its vibration

Performance and Design

Bushnell Tour X2’s design is handy and easy to use. One can easily grip because of the design of the top and bottom panels.

It also had this toggle switch that one can easily use when it’s becoming dark or when the light condition changes.

  • 2 year warranty
  • Water proof
  • Easy switching of face plates
  • Tournament ready

  • Heavy compared to other rangefinders
  • Price is not budget friendly

With its Dual Display Technology and Exchange Technology – Slope Technology, golfers are equipped with high quality and legal rangefinder. The price is just fair with this kind of features, one can’t just say no to this best golf rangefinder.

It also is water proof and has 2 year warranty CR2 battery and carry on case included on the package which one can’t find in other rangefinder packages.

Bushnell Tour X2 is a must have for golfers and pretty sure that it won’t let you down with its +/- 0.5 level of accurate measurement of distance.

6) Best Golf Rangefinder:- Serene Life Premium

SereneLife-Premium1If you are looking for a cheap rangefinder that can give you good performance, then Serene Life is what you are looking for.

With its basic features and compact size an amateur can definitely consider this rangefinder.


  • Pin seeker mode
  • Measures up to 546.2 yards
  • Smart Slope Technology

Performance and Design

Serene Life only weighs 0.407 lbs battery operated and has an optical objective lens measuring 24mm. With its price, one might think that it will not perform well but cheap as it is, you will also get the best features that you can get in any other expensive rangefinders.

  • Accurate
  • Handy
  • User friendly
  • With Travel Case

  • Not water proof
  • Short battery life
  • Not (USGA) Tournament legal

Serene Life rangefinder provides the basic features one can look for. It’s just fair for its price. One cannot expect other advanced features on this best golf rangefinder with its low price but amateurs will surely love this.

It only takes practice in using and you will be satisfied with what this rangefinder can offer.

7) Best Golf Rangefinder:- Bushnell PRO X2

Bushnell-Pro-X21Bushnell PRO X2 is the best among the best of Bushnell products.

It has the state of the art technology that will surely support golfers in their aim for the championship trophy in every tournament.


  • Slope Switch Technology that gets rid of difficult switching of face plates.
  • Dual Display Technology that allows the user to toggle from LED to LCD or vice versa.
  • Pin seeker with Jolt Technology.

Performance and Design

PRO X2 is a very compact and handy type of rangefinder. It has a rubber armored metal housing that is 100% waterproof. No need to worry especially during rainy days or when it is accidentally knocked off from your hand.

Its firm grip makes it a lot easier to hold and use since the shakiness will be lessened. It’s 6X magnification combined with the dual color display options gives the golfer a clearer display. Compared to other golf rangefinders, this one is the best.

  • Accurate
  • Easy and stable grip
  • Tournament legal
  • Water proof

  • Expensive
  • Not User friendly
  • No options for mounting

Having a price of a little less than $500, it’s a one expensive rangefinder. Though it has the best features one can ask for in a best golf rangefinder.

Since it has these advanced features, one might have a difficult time in familiarizing some functions that are a little complicated especially for beginners.

8) Best Golf Rangefinder:- Double Eagles DEPRO – 800

Double-Eagles-DEPRO-8001Just like what the tagline says, “Play with confidence!” It’s primarily designed to improve your golf shot because of its high accuracy and short measuring time.

It can measure the range of flags for up to 300 yards. DEPRO – 800 is not only good for golf but also for like hunting, traveling or even game watching since it can also differentiate between small objects of other background objects or targets.


  • Smart Pin Sensor Technology which prioritized the target and not any other objects at the background.
  • Intelligent Scanning that allows you to scan the range of multiple targets.
  • Flag Mode Instruction which distinguishes the flag from any other objects.
  • Two measurement units which allows the user to switch units from meters to yards or vice versa.

Performance and Design

DEPRO-800 is designed to last in whatever king of weather condition. It is rainproof with class IPX4 protection. Its body is also covered with rubber designed to protect it from accidental knocks and drops.

With its lightweight and handy design, it is really easy to grip and can provide clear and amazing images without worry of being a bit shaky while holding it.

It is in line with any other expensive brands of golf rangefinders when it comes to performance and advanced features which can give its user the confidence and success that he is aiming for.

  • Very Accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Shockproof and durable body

  • Not known by many
  • Limited Reviews
  • DEPRO – 800 is a one of a kind golf rangefinder since it has the best features of a rangefinder. It only measures 104x72x41mm and weighs 185g. It has the accuracy, portability, durability and technology that one might be looking for in a best golf rangefinder.

    It still is an inexpensive golf rangefinder for what it can offer. With a 710 yard maximum range one knows what club to use. It also had the automatic power-off features that lessen the use of its batteries.

    9) Best Digital Golf Rangefinder:- Leupold 2017 GX- 2i3

    Leupold GX 2i3 is one of the expensive golf rangefinder. But if you really get to know the features that this rangefinder has you might be thinking if it’s really expensive.Leupold-2017-GX-2i31

    The standard edition and slope edition rangefinders combined is the Leupold GX-2i3 rangefinder. Let’s get to know more about this product.


    • Fog Mode.
    • Club Selector.
    • Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA).
    • True Golf Range which displays the range with some variations like the altitude, angle and temperature.

    Performance and Design

    Leupold GX-2i3 gives a different kick to the players. It provides faster measurement with high accuracy as well with its advance laser technology.

    No one will waste time hitting shots with its Club selector feature. Having a compact and sleek contour it really provides a grip for the user since this product is originally intended for military spotters.

    • 5 year warranty
    • 0.5 yards accuracy
    • Prism lock
    • 6X magnification

    • Premium batteries are required
    • Expensive

    Leupold 2018 has this features that give advantages for the user, it has this prism lock that allows the user to look and lock at reflective prisms which are commonly used in golf courses.

    It also has this rubberized and armored plastic outsole which gives it 100% protection aside from it being water proof. The price is expensive but one can expect a very good performance out of this product.

    10) Best Golf Rangefinder:- TEC.BEAN Laser Rangefinder

    TEC-BEAN-Laser-Rangefinder-1300-Yards1TEC.BEAN is a surprise in a box. You never know what you’ll get until you hold it and are aware of its features.

    One might be surprise that with such an affordable price there is something that this rangefinder can boast about. Let’s see.


    • Laser Rangefinder which allows to a maximum of 1300 yards of measuring range
    • Two Working Modes (Distance and Speed Modes) The Distance Mode allows measurement of distance angle and height while the Speed Mode allows measurement of speed of a target.

    Performance and Design

    TEC.BEAN Laser Finder is one of the cheapest golf rangefinder that one can find in the market. It’s just right for the grip with an additional hook at the back maybe to hold a wrist strap. Performance wise, it’s good. It can stand the test of time and have the features of those expensive rangefinders.

    • Lightweight
    • Low use of power
    • Accurate
    • Fair rice

    • Not water proof but water resistant
    • Manual lacks information on how to measure subject speed

    This best laser rangefinder has high accuracy with short measuring time. It also is fair for its price. As compact and lightweight as it is, one can take it anywhere without any difficulty.

    The rechargeable lithium batteries are a plus factor since you will not spend more to change batteries. All you have to do is to charge it using the usb charger and voila! You are ready to use your rangefinder. Good price for a good product.

    Best Golf Rangefinder Buyer’s guide.

    Whatever it is that you consider buying, these rangefinders are advantageous and useful in their own different ways. It’s just up to you on how you will maximize the use of your chosen brand of rangefinder. Each has a function that stands up from the rest but there are also times that you don’t need such feature especially if you are just playing with your friend and not fund of joining tournaments.

    Golf players, be it professional or beginners need a rangefinder to help them to accurately measure and obtain a successful shot. What help does a gold rangefinder gives a golfer? The following are the things that a golf rangefinder can do for its user:

    Gather Data

    Rangefinders help in gathering date since it gives measurement of distances of flags, greens or hazards. The more date that a rangefinder can give, the more accurate the shot can be.

    Compensate Slopes or Elevations

    Some rangefinders do not have this feature since this are present with modern rangefinders only. This feature give you the measurement of a distance taking into account the slopes and elevations of the course.

    Play Time

    Using rangefinders can lessen the play time because by just looking at your rangefinder, you will be able to get all the data that you need even the club that you need to use. The only thing that you need to do is to give it a shot.

    Looking for rangefinders is not an easy task, one should know what to look for in buying one. The following are the points that one must consider:


    Of course, in looking for a product we first look at the features, does it have the things

    or functions that you are looking for? Can it do this or that? Some of the features that one looks for a rangefinder is the Jolt Technology, Pin seeker or pin hunter or whatever they call it, the magnification (other have 5X, 6X or 7 magnification) and the display (can you see it clearly whatever the lighting condition is?)

    USGA Approval

    Most of the golfers look for the tournament legal rangefinders. Because they need it

    during USGA or any other tournaments which has this rules on rangefinders. But of course, if you will just use the rangefinder while playing with friends then you have the option of buying a cheaper rangefinder but without USGA approval

    Distance Range

    There are lots of rangefinders but with different distance range. Majority of the

    rangefinders will measure more than 500 yards but of course you have to know your preference. But the longer the distance it can measure, the better.


    Rangefinders with the best features also come with expensive prices. Though there are rangefinders that can also give the best results with just a low price. One just have to be very patient to find the brand and features that he can afford.

    User friendly

    Some of these golf rangefinders give the users a hard time. Some have this face plates that are very tedious to change or switch while others just have a technology for this. We also have to consider if we can save time while using this best golf rangefinder or will just have to deal with its difficult features.

    If you are just a beginner or a newbie in using or playing golf, I must advise you to get a user friendly tome saver type of rangefinder.

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