A Hoverboard is a stylized means of transportation that very closely resembles a skateboard with two parallel wheels, allowing the rider to stand facing forward, head and shoulders square, and feet shoulder length apart.  There is no need for the “kick-push” of a skateboard since the Hoverboard runs on an electric motor.

Hoverboards — don’t actually “hover” above the ground — are a technically innovative, and unique mode of transportation right out of the “Back-to-the-future II” movie where the boards actual did levitate.  These boards, also referred to as hoverboard “segway’s” are all the rage and tons of fun; a fantastic alternative means of transportation.


Hoverboards work on a simple principal, linking a few basic components, namely a gyroscope to determine the pitch and balance of the board continually monitoring the orientation of the user on the board and making fine adjustments to keep the board stable while providing as smooth and comfortable a ride as possible.

Motors on hoverboards are also utilized to stabilize the board and enhance the support platform, supporting the riders’ weight while moving the board forward and backward.

The 2 smooth steel wheels are much larger then any skateboard wheels out there.  The gyroscope, also connected to the microprocessors, helps gather rider and surface information, gauging the tilt of the board.   Motors inside the hoverboard assistance in changing power output to keep the rider balanced.

Once the battery pack is powered to capacity getting onto the board is a simple process of placing one foot onto the board and shifting your weight accordingly to allow you to bring the other foot forward and then leaning forward, slightly, to accelerate – by leaning backwards the rider is able to decelerate as needed to maintain safety.

The hoverboards sensors automatically track motion, trigger the motors for propulsion, as well as activate the boards’ microprocessors to monitor and control power output.

These features prevent the rider from racing off out of control; they also stop the board from speeding away without the rider.  There is no doubt that hoverboards are cool and a lot of fun to ride but remember that all models do not ride the same; different models travel at different speeds, some models have different inclines while other models possess varying battery capacities, and come in an overabundance of styles and designs.


In our technically advanced modern world where the daily cost of living seems to be constantly rising, some of the latest technology innovative devices can help us to reduce our over all expense load freeing up funds.

Hoverboards are a great testament of such savvy innovation.

Self balancing two-wheel hoverboards run off of a rechargeable electric battery and can be used to travel wherever and whenever you want, as long as you have a relatively flat and hazard free surface; going to and from work, shopping, riding back from the gym after a long legs routine, or going on a date.

There are numerous benefits of using self-balancing hoverboards for instance:

Hoverboards are eco-friendly

Since they use rechargeable batteries and don’t use any fossil fuels hoverboards are eco-friendly and sustainable.  Hoverboards are eco-friendly in two ways first they don’t give off and harmful greenhouse gas emissions saving the planet from even more carbon gasses.  And secondly, they are sustainable.

Not relying on petroleum to power their motors and depleting a major non-renewable energy source is a bit plus.  Using a smart device that doesn’t consume these precious resources is beneficial for both the environment and humanity.  Don’t drive glide that’s what I say!

No Maintenance Costs

When it comes to maintenance costs there really isn’t anything to worry about.  Since hoverboards don’t emit harmful gases they don’t need to be put through emissions testing.

Hoverboards run with very few moving parts, apart from the wheels.  The solid construction and advanced engineered design make them very sturdy with long lasting durability.  And when it comes to storage these small boards are easily stored away or parked anywhere even inside since you can strand them up.

Low maintenance and durability make owning a hoverboard a lot more attractive to the alternatives that can be more expensive and much more cumbersome when it comes to storage and finding an upkeep.

Easy to Use

Hoverboards are intuitive and easy for most people to use.  If you’ve ever skated, snowboarded, rollerbladed or run upstairs you’ll be a natural when it comes to using a hoverboard.

You won’t need any special training or hours of practice to get the hang of it.  The best way to master riding a hoverboard is to relax and enjoy the exhilaration.

Hoverboards are designed with self-balancing features and easy handling operation sensors so by following the simple instructions included with the purchase of the board or online at anyone of numerous websites or alternatively by viewing an informational video found on YouTube, you can start riding almost immediately after receiving your board.


Hover boards are inexpensive especially considering all the numerous benefits they come with.  They are extremely cost effective, especially in comparison to other modes of transportation.

When purchasing a Segway there is no need to make special payment arrangements since the price of a typical unit is quit inexpensive.  It’s remarkable just how affordable owning a Segway truly is.

Low Maintenance

No tune tune-ups required, hoverboards do not require any maintenance but the occasional battery check and checking on tire wear and tear.

Perfect for All Ages

Hoverboards aren’t just for kids to play with.  Quite the opposite although they are a toy of sorts riders should take care not to toy around with them.

Young or older everyone can enjoy the convince of not having to walk.  Learning to stand upright and balance is a relatively simple process take about 15 minutes to get the hang of.


The possibilities are almost endless, you can count on a hoverboard to be your go-to mode of transport.  The convenience that a hoverboard provides is fantastic, no matter where you have to go your hoverboard can take you where you need to go.  And not only that but these light weight devices should be your vehicle of choice because they are there when you need them.

Just in case you needed some idea of where to use your Segway here are a few suggestions: commuting to and from work, around your college or university campus, visiting friends and family, trips to the market, at a party or really at any event you can imagine.  Convince and cost savings!

However, curbs will be challenging as well as making quick turns and maneuvering through crowds at any type of pace. Give yourself a direct route to your destination and you’ll be just fine.  One importance consideration to keep in mind is whether or not the hoverboard is legal where you want to ride it.


A typical hoverboard is around 18 to 30 pounds depending on the style of the frame, materials used, and any additional features.  The light weight of these 2 wheeled scooters makes it easy to transport.

Depending on their designs and materials used to build th the board, most brands of hoverboards have defined weight capacities.

Factor this in when you are choosing your next model or when buying a hoverboard for a friend or colleague.  Pay attention to the size of board you’re getting.

Large hoverboards are stable, well balanced. Compact ones on the other hand are portable and benefit individuals that travel a lot or are limited on storage space.


Here are some things that should be considered when choosing a hoverboard.  There are 2 types of hoverbroads currently available on the market today.  Although both models enjoy similar hands-free riding utility, they vary in terms of their features and overall functionality.

  1. A sturdy polymer plastic shell that supports the weight of the riders
  2. Dual wheels connected by a smooth-rolling hinged system. Each wheel has an independent motor that allows it to rotate independently and rubberized tires that grip on all terrain environments.
  3. Board-mounted, pressure-sensitive pads, that respond to the rider’s motions in all directions — most importantly when stopping.

Build Quality Durability

One of the best ways to sort through all of the confusion is to talk with friends and people you trust to get their advice on where to start looking and what to start looking for.

Another excellent place to look is online; the comments section of blogs and the remarks left can be a source of invaluable information.

Take the time to find a credible hoverboard brand and design.  Take those online reviews and comment on the internet seriously and single out high-quality brands that offer value to users; then compare pros and cons and choose one that satisfies your needs.

When looking for the perfect hoverboard for commuting and or personal recreational use, never sacrifice quality for cost.  There are far too many reports of cheaply designed and poorly made hoverboards exploding and or causing bodily harm to riders.

The product you choose should come from a reputable brand and have high-grade and highly functional parts. Make sure the board is also durable, forged from top notch craftsmanship.

Make sure when purchasing a board there is a return policy, a money back guarantee, and/or a replacement manufacturer’s warranty.

Speed and Range

All depends on the motor and battery pack on the hoverboard.  Speeds and ranges vary; with most high-end models cruising at 20km/h can be achieved quite easily.

Battery Capacity

Hoverboards are unique personal transporters that draw power from built in rechargeable battery packs. Battery capacity and charging time thus, are vital attributes to keep in mind, to find the best in this niche.

Generally, the higher its battery capacity and range the better. You should also opt for hoverboards with fast charging systems.  You want to make sure to get a hoverboard that has decent battery protection.  Protecting the battery is crucial to keep your hoverboard running smoothly for years to come.

The other thing you want to consider is the waterproof warning.  Not waterproof means stay away from water!  If these things enter the battery case and cause electronic issues watch out. The size, wattage, and use of additional features can all affect the battery life.

Search for a hoverboard that has a balance of decent wattage, average charge time, and a satisfactory battery life. Nothing is more of a drag than being halfway to your destination and having your hoverboard lose power.


As tempting as it may be to go out and purchase the cheapest hoverboard on the market just to save a few dollars, never sacrifice functionality and safety for price.

Instead of purchasing a cheap hoverboard that will most likely malfunction or worse soon after purchasing, spend a little more money on a decent brand/make that will last and perform.

To get good quality and safety, you will have to pay above and beyond $300 for a quality hoverboard.

Terrain handling

The question of where to ride your hoverboard, shouldn’t be taken lightly. The difference in how your board handles one environment from the next can be drastic. You would think they could go just about anywhere, right?

However, not all boards are created equal. Depending on wheel size, the width of the board, and torque of the motor(s) will determine whether or not you are about to conquer some groundwork. Also, consider the incline of where you’re going


The Bluetooth capabilities vary by the board. Most common features include playing music, connecting to an app, and using GPS to track your distance. Be sure to check the specs, as some boards don’t come with Bluetooth. And the ones that do may only have one of the features listed.

Some hoverboards come with fancy technology, like sensors that slow the hoverboard down instead of just abruptly stopping when the battery runs dry. Another technological feature is “no fall technology.” This means that the hoverboard will stay upright and balanced at all times.


UL- Certification is a must, must, must! I cannot stress this enough. The reason the old self-balancing scooters kept blowing up was because of their batteries.

They were not tested and approved by UL. The models with UL-certified batteries will proudly display this sticker on the bottom of the product. Make sure to look for this sticker or you could end up with a faulty board.

LED lights

Self-balancing scooters usually come with head and rear LED lights so you can ride around at night. The distance that light is thrown, however, is different between models and brands.

Loading Capabilities

In terms of weight restrictions, many hoverboards can hold up to 250 pounds (113 kilograms). A couple of brands out there can even go up to 264 pounds (119 kilograms).

Do keep in mind that the more weight a hoverboard has to bear, the slower it will be, and the more taxing it is for the battery.


Make sure the hoverboard comes backed by a warranty.  Look for a reliable company with good customer service? This is where a lot of research comes in handy, as well as reading reviews online.

But don’t just rely on Amazon or other retailers for testimonials. Go to the exact company website to learn more.

Going Off Road

There are two kinds of hoverboards currently available for resale:

Street models: Hoverboard’s 6.5-inch wheels and a lack of handlebars mean that going off flat surfaces or carpeting could be problematic

Off-road models: riding over rough terrains, like gravel, will unbalance the board.  Off-road hoverboards usually have 8.5 inches tires or larger.