Swagtron T5 Hoverboard Review

Swagtron T5 Hoverboard Review

Brace yourself for this Swagtron T5 Hoverboard Review! Just when you thought the folks at Swagtron couldn’t possibly outdo themselves, the T5 hoverboard was launched and it instantly became one of the top selling hoverboards within a couple of days.Swagtron T5 Hoverboard Review

There are many reasons why this particular model is such a big hit with hoverboard enthusiasts.

Let’s jump right into our Swagtron T5 hoverboard review.

The first thing that jumps right out about the T5 is the fact it’s a sleeker version of its predecessors.

It’s a gentler hoverboard of sorts, designed in particular for younger kids and others who might be intimidated by larger hoverboard models.

Its smaller size makes it a lot easier to handle, yet it still comes with the high performance we have come to expect from Swagtron.

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Swagtron T5 Hoverboard ReviewIt comes with a max speed of 7 miles per hour, and it can cover a distance of 7 miles on a full charge. That’s more than enough to cover the average person’s daily trek.

Don’t let the sleek design fool you either, this little gem can carry up to 220 pounds. The Swagtron T5 only weighs 18 pounds, so even small kids can easily carry it around.

It’s ironic that something so little can carry so much weight. Fun fact: the T5 passed the 10-ton crush test.

Of course, like all other hoverboards in the T series, the T5 is UL2272 certified, so you won’t have to worry about battery issues or a potential fire hazard.


[wpsm_titlebox title=”Features” style=”3″] [wpsm_list type=”bullet” hover=”1″ gap=”small” ]
  • Top speed:7 miles per hour
  • Max permissible grade:18 degrees
  • Operating temperature:14-104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Charging time:2-3 hours
  • Tire size:8″
  • Range:7 miles
  • Weight:18 pounds
  • Max permissible weight:220 pounds
  • Warranty:One year
[/wpsm_list] [/wpsm_titlebox] [wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Improved motor.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Great for kids.
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Speed junkies won’t get their fix riding one of these.


Swagtron T5 Hoverboard Review:- conclusion

If you’re in the market for a hoverboard, the Swagtron T5 is one of the models you certainly want to keep in mind. Click here to purchase one today!


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